Alice in Wonderland (sold): Painting from Within with Cheryl, Melbourne Australia

Message from Cheryl


f you have read this website you will have some idea what painting for process is about.

But I also paint to produce a product, which means, it would be great if people loved my paintings enough to purchase them.

In addition to my larger paintings, I also sell hand painted baby naming certificiates, and hand painted personal cards, (any type of card you would like - eg: invitations, birthday, thank-you, sympathy, etc).

As these paintings, certificates and cards are not process but painting to produce something that I can sell, they needed a different website page.

My Paintings


ere are a few of my paintings that I have done outside of classes. All of these paintings shown here are either currently for sale, or have been sold already (shown here in case you are interested in purchasing something similar).

Paintings by commission can be on any surface - eg: Paper, canvas board, canvas.

You can also visit the 'Celebrant' page to read more about the hand-painted naming certificates made to order for that special day. For more information about the Baby Naming Ceremony, please check out my new website (under construction - coming soon).

You can email me at or ring 0428 820 100 for any enquiries.

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