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ave fun painting right now on this simulated canvas.    ... But a real workshop is even better!!

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Message from Cheryl


was reading a post on Face Book where parents gave some reasons why creating is important to them and their families.... and some of them are worth sharing.

"Teaches problem solving and self love and appreciation. We use it as a confidence building tool for our kids because art is never wrong, or right, it is simply an expression"

"I love working together, the memories made, and looking back on what we made over time"

"Making things/art builds character and confidence"

"Art is important to my family because it bonds us. There are 6 years between my kids and participating in art activities is the glue that holds my kids desire to play with each other together."

"It is the time we spend together that makes art important to us. Plus the twinkle in your child's face when they create something that they didn't even expect is priceless"

"Art in many forms has got me through the hardest times and the best times of my life"

"Art, used in the right way, brings people together. It's freedom, self expression and communication"

There were dozens more.......... I wonder in what way making art is important to you?

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I look forward to seeing you with a paintbrush in your hand and having fun.

With love,